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How to Create and Manage FTP Accounts in cPanel?

In this guide, we will show you how to create and manage a new FTP account in cPanel.

How to Create an FTP Account in cPanel

1) Log into cPanel.

2) Look for the “Files” section and select “FTP Accounts“.

3) Under Add FTP Account, fill in the following details:

  • Login: Type the name of the FTP user. A full FTP username will always be formatted as user@domain.extension. You cannot create an FTP account without your domain name in it.
  • Password: Enter a strong password. If you need help creating a secure password you can just use the “Password Generator” button.
  • Directory: By default, the folder will be filled in automatically but you can change the path. The FTP account directory determines the root folder that will be accessible to the FTP account. To give them full access to your file system, just enter a forward slash “/”.
  • Quota: Set the maximum amount of disk space (MB) the FTP user can use, this can also be set to unlimited.

Click the “Create FTP Account” button. You will then see a message stating “Account Created“.

How to Manage FTP Connections

This feature allows you to monitor visitors that are logged into your account through FTP. You can easily terminate FTP connections to prevent file access by unwarranted users.

This assumes that you are already logged in to cPanel

1) Click the FTP Connections from within the Files section of the cPanel.

2) Here you can view active sessions or you can kill sessions by clicking the corresponding Disconnect button.

The FTP Session Control interface includes the following information about connections to your FTP server:

User The username for the FTP account that is logged in.
Logged in From The host through which the user connected to your FTP server.
Login Time The time and date at which the FTP session started.
Status The status of the FTP session.
Disconnect Click the button to stop an FTP session.
Process ID The process ID for the FTP session.

How to Connect to FTP via FileZilla

The first thing you will need is an FTP client. This is a program that allows you to connect to a host server’s FTP connection. You can choose to use different FTP clients but they will all operate almost the same, but we recommend FileZilla. Please be sure to select one that allows for FTP over SSL (FTPS) as a secure encryption option within its settings.

Follow these steps to connect to the FTP server with FileZilla (make sure to get the “client” version):

1) Download and install FileZilla on your computer.

2) Open FileZilla and enter the FTP login details in the fields located at the top of the application.

3) You will need the following details regarding the FTP account on your server:

  • Host: this can be your Domain Name of the Hosting Server where your Account Resides
  • Username: your cPanel Username
  • Password: your cPanel Password
  • Port: 21 ( or do not complete that field, it will go by default on 21 )

Click the “Quickconnect” button.

Your computer connects to your web server. The directory of folders and files from your local computer appears on the left of the FileZilla FTP client window, and the directory of folders and files on your web server is displayed on the right.

You can now transfer files and folders between your local computer and your hosting account by dragging them from the left pane to the right.