Top of the Line Data Centers

Our Data Center is Located in one of the Most Developed Countries in the IT Field - Germany. The Data Center is Top of its Class with Redundant Power Supply and Enhanced Physical Security.

Europe Datacenter, Located In Germany

SSDCloud Operates its Servers from one of the Most Developed Countries in the IT Field - Germany. Germany is the Largest Online Market in Europe with 68 296 919 Online Users and €50 Billion Cumulated Online Revenue for 2013.


  • The Datacenter has 24-hour Video Surveillance and Access Control. It Ensures the Highest Level of Security Guaranteed by an ISO 27001 Certification.
  • Modern Early Warning Fire System.
  • There are installed Fire & Humidity Sensors and VESDA Air Conditioning System.


  • Redundant UPS Facilities
  • Diesel Power Generator for Autonomous Mode
  • Energy-Efficient Direct Free Cooling N+2 Redundancy
  • Cold Aisle Containment
  • Monitoring of Air Temperature and Server/Distribution Cabinets

Green Data Center 

  • Taking Responsibility for the Environment means there is an Increasing need to Obtain Energy from Renewable Sources. SSDCloud uses Energy from Renewable Sources (hydropower technologies) to Power the Servers in its Datacenter.

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