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How do I change the Main Domain on my cPanel Account?

The Primary Domain for a Hosting Account can be Changed, but before changing it, you need to keep the following in mind:

  • The New Domain must be Registered and set up DNS Servers for your Hosting Account.
  • When you change the Primary Domain for a Hosting Account, all settings made for the Domain, such as created Email Accounts, FTP Accounts, Sub-Domains, etc., will be Automatically assigned to the New Domain.
  • If there are Applications Installed in the Hosting Account, in the Configurations of which the Name of the Main Domain is set, then after the change of the Main Domain you will need to Update the Settings.

The Change of the Main Domain can be made by the SSDCloud Manager. After logging in to "SSDCloud Manager", click on Active Services and locate your Hosting Package, and then click Manage and lastly click the "Edit" Link across you're current Domain. The following Window will Load:

Fill in the Name of the Domain that you want to be set as the Primary for this Hosting Account and Click "Change".