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What is Imunify360 Proactive Defense?


Imunify360 - Powerful All-In-One Security SolutionImunify360 is a Powerful All-In-One Security Solution which Utilises a Six-Layer Approach to provide Total Protection against any types of Malicious Attacks or Abnormal Behaviour, including Distributed Brute Force Attacks.

It uses Powerful AI Technology to Dynamically Update its rules and Prevent Malicious Attacks that could Cause Harm. It uses Machine Learning Technology and Extensive, Signature-Based Algorithms to Identify Patterns of Abnormal Behaviour to Quickly Prevent New Attacks. The Proactive Defense feature Protects against Zero-Day Attacks – it even Stops the Malware that No Scanner is Capable of Detecting.

The Six Layers of Protection are Based on the Key Fundamentals of Security Comprising:

  • Advanced Firewall
  • Intrusion Detection and Protection System
  • Malware Detection
  • Web Applications Sandboxing
  • Server Patch Management
  • Website Reputation Management

Imunify360 Blocks Attacks through a combination of Technologies: Signature Matching, Real-Time Behaviour Analysis for Blocking Malware, and Herd Immunity Powered by Insights collected from Servers all over the World. Imunify360 Sophisticated Security System constantly collects and processes a massive amount of information about new Attacks from Servers all over the World. It Analyzes the Web Traffic that hits your Servers and the Web Application Scripts and understands All Security Threats in Real-Time.

If a User Violates our Imunify360 Security Rules (e.g. consistently entering the wrong username and password combination), then Imunify360 will Automatically Block the Access to our Servers from this Users IP Address.

If you find that you are being blocked when carrying out admin tasks on your site please check that you have disabled ModSecurity. For more Information Read What is ModSecurity?

The Imunify360 Icon can be found under the SECURITY Section of your cPanel.cPanel - Imunify360 Section